Alumni & Careers Services

Alumni Services

Enjoy a life-long relationship with both IE and SMU. As alumni of the IE-SMU MBA, graduates become members of both life-long peer networks from IE Business School and Singapore Management University! Being a joint-degree, IE-SMU MBA graduates enjoy access to alumni events, faculty, peers and new student cohorts from both institutions.

IE Business School

As an alumnus of IE Business School you will become part of the IE Global Community for life. Some of the benefits include:

✓ 50,000 Alumni in over 100 countries
✓ Annual Alumni Conferences
✓ Life-long networking activities
✓ Functional & Industry Global Communities
✓ Continuous online and in-class learning
✓ Special discounts on all IE programmes
✓ Access to the Virtual Library
✓ Access to all IE facilities

IE Alumni Services


As an alumnus of SMU you will enjoy of life-long access to your email, invitations to Alumni events, Wi-Fi access on Campus, and the online newsletter for SMU Alumni. As an SMUAA member, you will come to enjoy unique privileges that are tailored for you. It’s not only the networking opportunities, but also the social events for you to reunite with your classmates. Below are some of the benefits::

✓ Job and Networking opportunities
✓ Social Events with Your Peers and Classmates
✓ Members-only SMUAA Events
✓ Discounted Rates on Rental of SMU Facilities
✓ Eligibility to Attend and Vote at the SMUAA Annual General Meetings
✓ Eligibility to Stand for Elections to the SMUAA Executive Committee
✓ Access to and use of the University lounge

SMU Alumni Services

Career Services

Students and Alumni of the IE-SMU MBA have access to the career management centre of both universities. The services include tailored support, advice and coaching to help develop executive career plans and a deeper understanding of career paths, target industries, and geographic options. All graduates of the programme have access to these tools and can draw upon the career services of both schools for help and counselling at any point during their career.

IE Business School

IE and its Careers Department seek to help students and alumni take full advantage of their professional opportunities. They also provide recruiters with access to the profiles that best suit their requirements.

✓ Training and Advisory Service
✓ Corporate presentations
✓ Career Recruitment Fairs with over 150 international companies
✓ Access to the IE Job Bank

IE Career Services


The Dato’Kho Hui Meng Career Centre (DKHMMC) works with students to map out career preparation and management strategies. It offers a range of enrichment trainings and workshops throughout the academic year to help students gain an immediate competitive advantage in the job market. Services provided are:

✓ Training and Workshops
✓ Individual Counselling
✓ On-site and off-site recruitment services
✓ Generate résumé books of applicants online

SMU Career Services